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The very basic types of kitchen sinks are top-mount and under-mount. The most important features of a kitchen sink are size, shape (double bowl or single bowl) and material. In addition, how easy it is to clean itself is also an important consideration when buying a kitchen sink. When you buy sinks, you will see “18 Gauge“, “16 Gauge”, etc. “Gauge is the measurement of thickness. The large the number the thinner  the thickness. For example, 18 Gauge is thinner than 16 Gauge. Actually 16 Gauge stainless steel is 20% thicker than 18 Gauge stainless steel.

Nowadays, there are two ways of sink manufacturing: machine-made and hand-made. Machine-made sinks are made of a sheet of stainless steel by machine. While hand-made sinks are made of several pieces of stainless steel by welding and after-welding process, and therefore more expensive and strong. Hand-made sinks can be zero-radius or small radius at the corners. Small radius sinks are much more easy to clean.

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