Payment and Payment Options

  1. A down payment of 50% of the invoiced order/contract amount (including materials and labour) should be paid when you place order(s), and the balance is due upon you pick up the order, get the order delivered, or before start installation services. Any later payment will be subject to a surcharge of an 8% interest rate per month.
  2. You (hereinafter “the customer”) understand that the order is placed according to your unique and specific requirements, therefore, the down-payment is non-refundable in case you cancel the order/contract.
  3. The delay of your payment may result in a cancellation or a delay of contracted services, such as installation and delivery services, as well as additional fees to the customer, such as storage fees, re-schedule fee, etc. Such additional fees are non-refundable, and paid to the DKBC service sub-contractors as a result of a cancellation and delay.
  4. Discount Kitchen & Bath Cabinets Ltd. (hereinafter “DKBC”) agrees to execute this contract in compliance with the relevant industrial/trade practices, while the customer agrees that any claim(s) for adjustment/modification shall not constitute a reason or excuse to the failure to pay the contract price in full. In case the payment is not received upon a given date, DKBC reserves the rights to take legal actions, including but not limited to putting a lien against the property of the job site.
  5. DKBC promises the contracted price valid for a period of 120 days from the date of invoice. DKBC reserves the right to make changes to the contract price beyond this period of time, due to any or all of the following: currency inflation, transportation, increased overhead, and increased material/labor costs.
  6. DKBC accepts cash, e-transfer and debit cards. A 3% surcharge will be applied to Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard only). All surcharges are non-refundable. Personal cheques are accepted only for the down payment and DKBC will need some time to clear the cheque.