(In compliance with “BC Residential Construction Performance Guide”)

  1. The quality of the products supplied by DKBC will be equivalent to that of the display items at the DKBC showroom. So is the quality of installation services.
  2. Scratches/Scuffs: Stained or painted wood surfaces shall be free of scratches or scuffs when viewed from a normal viewing position of 1.8m (6’) under normal lighting conditions.
  3. Colour variation/knots/Grain: All wood products are made of natural solid wood. Therefore colour variations, knots or different grain patterns are natural characteristics of wood and are not considered as a quality issue, and therefore are not covered by warranty.
  4. All wood cabinets are subject to expand, shrink, distort, crack and/or bend in different circumstances. DKBC will consider it as a quality issue only when the cabinets shrink, distort, crack and/or bend more than 1/8 inch during a normal environment. Hairline cracks are unavoidable in wood cabinets, especially in light color painted ones. DKBC will NOT consider hairline cracks as a quality issue.