If we get new kitchen cabinets and countertops installed from DKBC, do you remove the old ones?

Sorry, we do not remove the old ones, as removing the old ones need to disconnect all the plumbing, electrical stuff, and also may cause damage to the existing walls, pluming, and flooring. You better ask your contractor or someone else to remove the old ones.

If we get new countertops installed from DKBC, do you remove the old ones?

Sorry, we do not remove the old ones, as removing the old ones need to disconnect all the plumbing, electrical stuff, and also may cause damage to the existing cabinets and walls. You better ask your contractor or someone else to remove the old ones, before we measure the countertops.

How can I get an estimate/quotation?

You can get an estimate or quotation for your kitchen for free, by email or by visiting our showroom. To get an estimate or quotation for your kitchen, we need the following information about your kitchen:

  1. Your kitchen dimensions, including walls and windows. If you do not know how to measure your kitchen, please see “how to measure your kitchen” .
  2. Your kitchen ceiling height, location of plumbing, location of electrical Stove outlet/gas stove outlet, location of range hood ventilation.
  3. Dimensions and styles of all your appliances, including fridge, stove, dish washer, range hood and other planed appliance.
  4. Take some photos of your kitchen space, or your existing kitchen.
  5. Choose your favorite kitchen cabinets by a) visiting our showroom, or b) by visiting our website.
  6. Send us all these information or bring these information to our designers in our showroom. We will get back to you with an estimate very soon with 3D visual design.

What is your policy in regards to return and exchange?

Please go to our “Returns and exchanges” section for more details.

What payment methods do you accept?

Please see the payment options.

Do you have all the products in stock in store?

Our best-seller kitchen cabinets, vanities, sinks, faucets, accessories are usually available in store. Unless there is a stock shortage.

Lead time of most products are available in 2-3 weeks.

What is the difference between all the countertops materials?

  • Granite: Requires more maintenance, nonuniform colour (natural stone colour)
  • Quartz: Requires less maintenance, and offers a uniform colour and density
  • Laminate: Requires less maintenance, in-expensive solution. No water-proof, and not last as long as stones.
  • For vanity, the porcelain top features more fragile, but very easy to clean

What are the products’ warranties?

Most of our products comes with one(1) year warranty.

Depends on brands, some of our products come with life-time warranty.

Where are the products manufactured?

Our merchandise mostly comes from China.

What information should I have prior to shopping at DKBC?

First and foremost, you need all of the exact dimensions.

For the kitchen, you need to know the exact dimensions to the available space for the kitchen cabinets and sink(s). You also need to know the exact location of the pluming, the window(s) and appliances as well as their dimensions.

Regarding the bathroom, you need: the available room for the toilet, vanity, shower and bathtub.

Then, keep in mind your favorite style. Are you more of a modern, classic, rustic or luxurious person?

Also, what colour gets your eye and what finish do you prefer?

Do like chrome or brushed nickel better?

Do you prefer a glossy or matte finish?

By having answers to those questions, your shopping will be easier and faster, offering you an amazing shopping experience!

I have a comment to make about my store experience. Who can I talk to?

You may contact us via our online contact form. Please note that all emails are important to us and are read carefully. We reply within three business days, whether your comment is positive or negative.

Do you offer custom manufacturing?

We do not, but our inventory is large and diversified so you undoubtedly find something to fit your needs.

Does DKBC do installation?

Yes, We do have installers who can install our products for you. However, we also do supply-only orders and you can install it yourself or use your own choice of installer.

We provide installation services for kitchen only, not for bathroom alone, neither the pluming, electrical jobs. For those we do not have installation service, we do not take responsibility either for any issue that could have been caused during the installation or the handling.

Do I absolutely have to pick up my order within a certain period of time even if my project is not completed?

You select your pick-up day when you place an order, or if you can let us know before 7 days you want to pick up.

Once you have decided when you want to pick up. You have to pick up it on that exact day. Otherwise the extra-storage fee may be applied for $50 per extra day. Your order will be move back to our warehouse if you do not come to pick up in the next two days.

May I pick up an order at the warehouse during the weekend?

All pick-up times are the same as our store hours. I.e. Mon-Sat. 10am-5pm. No Sundays and Holidays.

The pick-up address is the same as our showroom. That is:

2284 Holdom Ave. Burnaby.

What are your opening hours?

We are open Mon-Sat. 10am-5pm. Closed on Sundays and Statutory Holidays.

Do you have gift cards?

No, we do not.

Do you offer competitive prices?

Yes, we do. Since we deal with the manufacturers directly, with wholesale pricing and keeps the cost as low as possible, thus explaining our low prices.

Do you have a catalog?

We do not have a paper catalog. The catalog on our website is the most complete and updated. You will find all of our selection and much more information. However, as new products keeps coming in and un-popular products will be discontinued, you are very welcome to check out at our showroom.

I am not located in Vancouver, do you do shipping orders?

Yes we do. We recommend that you come by our showroom to pick out the cabinet style, but if you can’t make it, we can do the designing and order via email. Note that you would be required to pay for shipment charges.

Do your products come with any warranty?

Most of our products come with an 1-year warranty, please check with your sales representative for more details.

What kinds of payment methods do you take?

We prefer cash, debit and e-transfer.

Do you provide installation services? What if I want my contractor to install it?

We do have installers that can install your products for you. However, we also do supply-only orders and you can install it yourself or use your own choice of installer.

What is a 10’x 10′ model kitchen?

  • A 10’x10′ Kitchen is a basic, L-shaped sample kitchen for universal price comparisons across different cabinet types and styles. The kitchen industry uses the 10’x10′ kitchen layout to give consumers a general idea of what each particular cabinet door style costs, in order to help find a right cabinet for you with your budget.
  • This sample kitchen includes 10 cabinets listed below.
  • No crown molding, decorative hardware, countertop, sink, faucet or appliances.
  • Delivery, assembly and installation labor does not included.
  • To know exactly what your new kitchen will cost please consult one of our professional designers to get free estimates.

What do I need to bring to a consultation?

A rough dimension of your kitchen/bathroom space would help the designers get the best idea of what they are going to be working with. Also take note of any windows or other irregularities in the space.

I want a new kitchen/bathroom, what are the steps?

DKBC is your one-stop shop for all your kitchen and bathroom needs, simply follow the steps.
1. Bring an approximate dimensions of you space to our showroom
2. Our designer will work with you to design a kitchen/bathroom that is both beautiful and versatile. You will be able to receive both 2D and 3D rendering of your kitchen/bathroom.
3. Choose the styles of cabinet you prefer and we will give you a quote.
4. After you are happy with the quote, we send someone to your home to take a more accurate measurement and make any additional changes.
5. Delivery and installation can be either done by us, or an installer, or yourself!

I can not make it to your store hours due to work/school/etc, what do I do?

We understand sometimes it might be difficult to make it to our store hours, give us a call; we might be able to arrange a meeting with you by appointment.

What are your store hours?

We are open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm and we are closed on Sundays and statutory Holidays.

Where are you located?

Our showroom is located at 2284 Holdom Ave. Burnaby. It is off of Lougheed highway and a 3 minute walk from Holdom Skytrain station.