Quality Countertops

DKBC offers 3 types of countertops: Granite, Quartz and Laminate countertops. The material and its fabrication are two critical aspects for a quality countertop.  DKBC assures end-to-end quality control from material, fabrication and installation. We carry hundreds of countertop materials from most brand names in the market. And most importantly, we use only proven quality counter top fabricators to finish your countertop and its installation, therefore giving you a unique, precise and long lasting countertops that you expect from us.

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A big selection of quartz countertops
granite countertops a big selection
All name-brand laminate countertops

Pre-Fab Countertops

Pre-feb countertops are ready-to-install countertops. DKBC provides pre-fab countertops for kitchen, bar, vanity and island, made of granite, quartz, or laminate. Pre-fab countertops enjoys great price discount. They are fabricated either directly in the factory at large scale, or using the leftover materials. 

Pre-fabricated quartz/granite/laminate countertops