Granite/Marble Countertops

Granite countertops are featured with their natural beauty, excellent performance and long-lasting usage. Because its natural characteristics, every single granite slab comes different!
To view and choose your favorite granite countertops, and further to get an estimate from DKBC. Please do as follows:

Step 1: Look at the Granite samples:
             – You may come to our showroom to see samples. We carry lots of samples from big name Granite suppliers. or
             – Go to our Granite slab supplier websites linked below.

Countertop slabs from TCE Stone
Countertop slabs from Fir Stone
Countertop slabs from DMK Stone
Countertop slabs from Alpha Stone
Countertop slabs from Margranite
Step 2: Write down the codes of your selections, better with 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices, as some of your favorites may out of stock sometimes.

Step 3: Estimate your cost according to the pricing guidelines or come to consult with our sales for accurate quotation.

Pricing guide: Granite countertop starts from $90 per linear foot (installed, including measurement, delivery & installation) with standard edge, calculated based on a fully used slab. As natural stones vary, their prices vary a lot. Additional cost may also apply such as edge surcharge, special shape template, huge piece handling and distance charge. For more information, please see our sales representatives.