Pick-up & Delivery Service

  1. Pick-Up: By default, the ordered products shall be picked up by the customer at the DKBC showroom. It is responsibility of the customer to load the ordered products. DKBC is not responsible for damages done to vehicles while loading or unloading materials. Customers must secure their own loads. DKBC may assist you with loading at its own discretion. The customer agrees to hold DKBC and its employees harmless in the event that any accident, injury or damages result in loading/unloading. For details information, please refer to “Delivery and Pick-up Customer Agreement”.
  2. Delivery: Only when you use DKBC delivery service, the ordered products will be delivered to the ground level of the job site. Additional charge will be applied if customer requires to deliver to other floors. Delivery fee changes based on the area of the job site.