63″ Luxury Gray Shaker Kitchen Island Combo (KT-IslandCombo-L42)


This fully assembled, ready-to-install kitchen cabinet island combo consists of the following:

A) Island base:

  • Made of standard kitchen cabinet: 34-1/2″ high and 24″ deep.
  • Materials: Plywood box, solid wood birch frame, doors and drawer fronts
  • Color: Gray
  • Door Style:  Full overlay, square shaker style
  • Total length: 60″, combination of 3 cabinets – one 30″ wide 3-drawer base cabinets, two 15″ wide 1-drawer 1- door base cabinets
  • Fully finished: come with island panel, corner molding, and toe kick.

B) Island Countertop

  • Size: 63″ wide, 38″ deep
  • Material: 3cm thick, premium quartz countertop
  • All side/edge polished
  • When put over the island base, you will get about 12″ over hang at the back, 3~ 4 people can be seated comfortably

C) Handles included.


This Product Sold In-Store Only
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